Car Accidents Cause Work Related Injuries in Colorado

car-crashMotor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of job related deaths in the United States, it is also a huge cause of workers compensation in Colorado.  The CDC has MVA’s listed as the top cause of work related deaths, insurance companies list slips and falls as the top causes for workers compensation, but the fact remains the motor vehicle accidents cause the most severe injuries.

There are a variety of factors that can influence a car accident.  Employers as well as the actual employee need to pay attention while driving on the job.  A few key factors are listed below:

  • Severity – vehicle accidents are typically more severe and cause more permanent injuries or deaths as compared to a slip or a fall.
  • Age – this is one factor that I did not take into account right away, but the older a driver the more likely they are to be killed in a car crash.  Also as one gets older their senses like awareness begin to decline as well which can lead to more accidents than a younger driver.
  • Risks – risks go up and down depending upon the vehicle that is being driven, for example a car colliding with a tractor trailer will cause significant more damage than a car and car usually.
  • Distracted Driving – No big surprise here as distracted driving in a top reason for work related accidents, people have their cells, their texts, their briefcases and laptops all available while driving which contributes to accidents.
  • Passengers – Statistics show that many work related vehicle accidents occur when a driver is by themselves.  Maybe this is due to distraction, tiredness, or boredom no one really knows.  Accidents involving vehicles with seven passengers or more is actually statistically rare; could it be that a driver takes the lives of the people they are driving more carefully?

Vehicle accidents that happen during the scope of ones employment usually result in a multitude of claims.  One single vehicle accident can result in workers compensation, personal injury, disability, or more.

Many people take driving as a right not a privilege.  Driving needs to be respected and something that has our undivided attention when we are doing it.  Many people rely on driving as a means to put food on the table for their family, the last thing they need is to be getting involved in accidents because either they are distracted or another driver is distracted.  Lets all take the time to focus on driving when we are out on the roads and help prevent these accidents from occurring the best we can.

Source: Digital Journal


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