Deion Sanders Files for Workers Comp in CA

sanders-deion-dcb-1While he was an analyst for the NFL Network, Deion Sanders called into question the motives of ex-NFL players who were making claims for workers compensation for head trauma in California.  On Thursday the LA Times has reported the Deion Sanders himself has now filed a claim for comp in CA for head trauma he says he sustained while playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

During the Super Bowl broadcast back in February Sanders was quoted as saying that the “The game is a safe game” he also said quote “I don’t buy all these guys coming back with these concussions.  I’m not buying all that.  Half these guys are trying to make money off the deal.”

This is quite an interesting story to me.  Part of Sanders case has a report in it from 2010 that suggests he is 86% disables.  That he suffers from behavioral and emotional disorders and has trouble sleeping.  So he knew of this from three years ago.  He must not have thought that he was disabled.  So is Neon Deion in it for the money as well or is he truly deserving of workers comp?  According to him he played a safe game that payed him millions of dollars.  I will try to update this case as information becomes available.


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