Did you learn nothing from Anthony Weiner?

Facebook MehCBS Sacramento investigated a growing resource in the fight against workers’ comp fraud. Just like college kids and irresponsible politicians who over share on Facebook, social networking sites are bringing down those attempting to falsely claim workers’ comp.

Turns out criminals are not as careful as one might think, and openly post pictures or activities they are involved in that are not consistent with their claims. Did you tag yourself skydiving while telling insurance companies you could barely walk? Investigators have wizened up to this and are now tracking Facebook and other social media outlets to catch those “faking it”.

“It’s a lot of catching, connecting everything. It’s like a puzzle,” said Alyssa Whatley, a social media spy.

A lot of fraud goes undiscovered because the cases are difficult to prove. This new technique is useful in that it can provide solid evidence that someone is lying.

This particular story takes place in Sacramento, a city that documented 625 workers’ comp cases last year to the tune of $9,000 a case. J.R. Robles of APEX Investigation says fraudulent claims cost the country upwards of $5 billion a year. It quickly becomes clear why people are going to great lengths to determine if a claim is real or fraudulent. That cost is translated to the honest consumer who has to pay higher rates or other associated expenses.

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