Does Your Home Need Workers Compensation?

mansionSounds like a story for lifestyles of the rich an famous, having people working for you all over your house from butlers to cooks and cleaners.  This is a lavish life that most of us can only dream to live.  For those who do life this life they really need to consider having workers’ compensation insurance and many do not.  It is very easy to get hurt around the house; fall down the stairs, burn yourself in the kitchen, fall off a ladder, etc.  Homeowners have a notion that their property liability insurance will cover them, but this is incorrect.

This is an inexpensive coverage that will cover injuries that occur from employees working in your house.  It is very important to look into this coverage so you will not have to pay for medical expenses out of pocket.  Depending on the injury these bills can be quite severe.

This is one area of workers’ compensation that I have never really thought of.  Maybe it is because I do all my own cleaning and work around my house, but for those fortunate enough to have someone at their beckon call this is good advice that should be followed if you want to avoid costly expenses should someone get hurt.

Source: Lou Aggetta Insurance 

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