Explosion at CO Gas Facility Kills One Employee, Injures Another


An explosion at an out-of-service facility near Mead, CO killed one worker and injured three others. Workers were servicing an oil tank battery, a group of tanks that receive crude oil from a well.

The facility is owned by Anadarko Petroleum Co. who also owns a well in Firestone, CO, which suffered a gas blast in April and killed two people in their home. That incident was caused by a leaky pipeline that was not disconnected from the well. It was not related to this recent explosion. Company officials plan to shut down the well and two that are nearby. Though the company thinks the wells are safe they are still closing them and are offering natural gas detectors to residents near the sites.

The most recent explosion will be investigated by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conversation Commission issued an order to energy companies to inspect and report on their pipelines at every well in the state, particularly those that are close to homes. Anadarko announced they were temporarily closing 3,000 vertical wells in the state to inspect them.

Another gas leak was identified from an underground storage facility in northern Colorado owned by East Cheyenne Gas Storage, area residents were asked to evacuate though no injuries have been reported.

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