Fireman Fighting More Than Blazes

Fire Fighters 08-07-2013In Montgomery County, Maryland, career firefighters are pushing for an investigation into the county’s workers’ compensation system. Namely, the union thinks that the county needs to look into the methods of their outside comp provider (CorVel Corp).

The union alleges that not only have firefighters faced hardships receiving benefits – delayed treatment and outright refusal of coverage – but that these denials are in fact costing the county a lot of money.

This is because, allegedly, the delay of benefits is forcing employees to retire as disabled and becoming eligible to collect those benefits instead.

While there are of course two sides to every story, if these heroes really are being forced into retirement due to a lack of legitimate coverage it’s nothing short of robbery. Of course it’s also possible that the allegers are exaggerating, generalizing or missing some key details.

Either way, I don’t see how performing an investigation could hurt. Best case, it reaffirms that the company is doing its job; worst case, it will catch CorVel Corp and open the company up to lawsuit. The results of any process investigation are sure to be very interesting.


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