Friday Funnies: Cop Itches His Way to a Settlement

Cops 07-26-2013An officer working with the West Midlands, England police station had to go beyond the call of duty and face down the greatest terror plaguing the world of both humans and canines alike: FLEAS!

That’s right, this poor man was bitten by fleas after his station was infested with the critters. For this workplace injury – which I’m guessing resulted in a few sleepless nights of itching – netted the officer close to £8,000 (about $12,300).

This particular station has a history of, let’s call them ‘interesting’, claims payouts. For example, one payout of £600 ($920) was the result of a “loud noise.”

Between dirty dorm rooms and bar concerts, I’m pretty sure the average college student faces these compensated hazards weekly.

As a citizen I thank police officers for there service. The vast majority of these brave men and women face innumerable dangers every single day keeping our cities safe and are tough as nails.

But really, a quick Google search found remedies for flea bites much cheaper than the settlement. Who could even use $12,300 worth of ointment anyway?

Source: Birmingham Mail

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