Giants & Dodgers Playing for the Same Team?

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This could be an all time first for the State of California.  Normally you have an in-state rivalry that consists of half the state rooting for the San Francisco Giants and the other for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  This is not stopping either team from chasing that all important pennant, or trying to be World Series Champs, but they are joining forces to push a bill that would prevent out of state pro athletes who are injured in the state from filing workers’ compensation claims.

Supporters of the bill say it would save the state millions of dollars each year for not allowing athletes injured in the state to collect workers comp from California as well as the state in which their team is based.

The bill has passed the Assembly and will be heard before the Senate committee later this week.  Those who oppose the bill say that team owner get to sidestep liability when an athlete is seriously injured in the state.

This has been an ongoing issue.  In my opinion there needs to be an even ground.  I do not think that an athlete should be able to collect comp from multiple states so it either needs to be where they are based out of or where they are injured in.  It will be interesting to see which way this bill goes.  I will keep you updated.

Source: Capital Public Radio


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