Insurance Agency Sends “Funky” Message for the 4th

As this week is closing up and the 4th is fast approaching, I can imagine everyone is eagerly awaiting the vacation time. However, we want to remind everyone to please be safe out there. Fireworks can be dangerous, and have led to personal injury both in and out of the workplace.

Also, this time of year proves yet again that providers in the insurance industry can get very creative in selling their image.

I will say this: Mr. Marcus is a master of his craft. And the Alex Rue Insurance Agency certainly got its name out there with this. Seems a little ironic, though, for an insurance gimmick. If Marcus got hurt during production would he be liable for Workers’ Comp? From a guy that sells it?

Have a very “funky” holiday!

WARNING: Do NOT try this yourself! Mr. Marcus is a hired professional who has training. Trust me, if you do this IT WILL HURT, or worse.

Source: Alex Rue Insurance Agency

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