Insurance Scammer Busted After Taunting Cops On Twitter

In a move that would surely make Frank Abagnale cringe, a 60 year old fugitive decided to taunt the cops over her Twitter account. And was then caught quickly afterward.

5 months after blowing off her court date in San Diego, the believed account of Wanda Podgurski tweeted “Catch me if you can,” in a move that accomplishes little other than a blatant ego-stroking.

Podgurski is accused of accepting money from seven insurance companies after falling in her home seven years back. Investigators became suspicious after they found she took trips to the Dominican Republic, New York, Seattle and China while “severely disabled.”

According to the NY Daily News, her Twitter description was “On the run possibly in Iran.” The same week she was caught in Mexico her account tweeted such gems as “Help find me before I con anyone else” and “How dumb am I? Who would go to Mexico. So close yet not far at all.”

The arrogance here is only outweighed by the blatant stupidity. (Leaving an electronic trail and, oh, tweeting that you’re ‘not’ in Mexico while HIDING OUT IN MEXICO?!? Really?)

Good luck scoring a film starring Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks with this comedy of errors. And pretty sure the closest she’ll get to a musical is the harmonica proficiency that 20 years in prison can bring.

Source: LA Times

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