Investigative Services – What are Companies Using?

telephoto-lensWe read about it day after day, here at WCInsights we post frequent stories about it.  People day in and day out are getting caught committing workers compensation fraud.  Injured workers get caught by a investigation that is done that shows them working or doing activities they say keep them out of work.  Other times they implicate themselves by posting pictures on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter doing things that with their claimed injury should not be able to be done.  Lastly we even have seen people get picked on game shows like “The Price is Right” only to be seen committing workers comp fraud on national TV.

It is amazing with all the technology that we have out there that people still think they are going to get away with something.  My question to all our loyal readers out there is:  What are you using to catch workers comp fraud?  Are adjusters just taking it upon themselves to look at social media?  Are there companies that offer these services so you can easily check up on a persons’ social media postings?  What is working best and has helped the most?

I would love to hear some feedback from you all out there.  This is still an issue that affects states and drives up premiums and tax dollars used.  Let’s see if we can’t help one another out in detecting more fraudulent cases.

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