Minnesota Hits All-Time Low for Workplace Injury Rate

1minn2014 proved to have good results for the state of Minnesota as they set an all-time low for their injury rate in the workplace since it has been recorded starting in 1973. The annual Occupational Injuries and Illness survey conducted by the Department of Labor and Industry for 2014 report estimated there were 3.7 OSHA recordable injuries per 100 full time equivalent workers. This is down from 3.9 in 2013 and 2012.

The survey showed that in the state of Minnesota there were an estimated 78,700 injuries or illnesses in 2014. This is down from 81,200 in 2013, but not the lowest mark that was set in 2011 when there were 75,400 cases.

Ken Patterson – Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) says “In the past decade, Minnesota has seen a 30 percent decrease in its rate of work-related injuries and illnesses, while this is good news overall, there is still much work to do to improve workplace safety and health to ensure more workers go home safe and healthy each night” according to the survey.

Minnesota has also seen as rise in employment going from 2.58 million workers in 2013 to 2.63 million in 2014 as reported the in Occupational Injuries and Illness survey.

The Department of Labor and Industry conducts this survey by collecting injury and illness records from random public and private sector employers; excluding government agencies. There were roughly 4,800 employers who participated in the survey.

The full results of the survey can be found on the Department of Labor and Industries website here.

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