Mrs. Robinson, You’re Trying to Seduce Me

Ashley Madison billboardChristian Mingle, Elite Meeting, Purrsonals, and now Ashley Madison. Yes there are some ridiculous concepts for dating websites out there, and I’m not surprised that one company has found themselves in the middle of a gossip-column worthy court case. Ashley Madison, the site for extra-marital affair seekers is being sued by a former employee in the hopes that she will receive compensation for her wrist injuries.

Ashley Madison’s tagline reads “Life is short. Have an affair” and while she was employed there, Doriana Silva said that she was required to create fake female profiles designed to entice male customers to join (spend money on) the new Portuguese-language version of the site. All that typing and scheming caused her severe wrist pain, reports City News Toronto.

Silva claims she was only given three weeks to create all these profiles and said the company did not listen to her complaints. She trekked on and as a result claims she is now seriously disabled. She is seeking $20 million in compensation, plus another $1 million for punitive damages.

The company does not agree, calling it a “frivolous claim by an opportunistic worker” whose demands tread upon extortion. They say they originally arranged to have her evaluated but the insurance auditor refused her claim, citing lack of credibility. The company also alleges that two separate doctors looked at Silva, diagnosed her with a strain and prescribed she rest her wrist. A company spokesperson said they offered Silva time to rest.

The company is also upset that Silva would claim the profiles were faked and continue to claim they are “100% authentic”. And the moral leaders at Ashley Madison who facilitate cheating would never do something as shady as write fake profiles or deny workers compensation.

From the reports it’s hard to tell who is really right in this case, especially since it has yet to be determined in court and Ashley Madison has filed no formal defense claim. I find it hard to trust anybody from this company-employees and employers alike. So we’ll see what happens. But if she is able to win her case and get that much money from the company, un-happily married folks everywhere might have to find some other outlet to cheat on their spouses.

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