Multiple State Work Comp Fraud Scam Nets Man 12 Years in Prison

badge (1)It took an investigation by a United States Attorney and the Secret Service to catch Carlos Perry, 58 of Knoxville, TN.  Perry is accused of running a very detailed and elaborate workers comp scheme throughout several states.  Perry was convicted of defrauding six different insurance companies in Virginia and Tennessee out of more the $400,000 resulting in him receiving at 12 year prison stint and requiring him to repay restitution.

Perry used multiple fake companies and false employees to submit workers comp claims to the various insurance companies.  When the United States Secret Service investigated Perry they found that he was operating six fictitious businesses to which he would file false work comp claims then also go and impersonate himself as the injured worker at different doctors.

Perry would receive the work comp benefits from the insurance companies and cash the funds.  It was determined that over the course of this scheme he utilized 19 fictitious identities and stole various real social security numbers to help him complete the fraud.  Perry was eventually arrested on June 29th, 2014 at a doctors office where is was impersonating a fake employee.

The six insurance companies paid out a total of $401,649.66 in false workers comp benefits.  Perry was ordered to repay $324,914.70 and serve 12 years in prison.

I have reported on many different fraud stories on this blog and this is one of the most crazy and elaborate schemes that I have ever seen.  To set up false business and impersonate fake employees and various doctors is a very gutsy thing to do.  It is good to see the full bearing of the law come down on this guy and getting what he deserves.  Good work by the US Attorney as well as the Secret Service in this investigation

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