Remember MySpace? The Workers Comp legal system apparently does too.

ABC News reported that Zackery Clement was working at an appliance warehouse when a fridge fell on him, hurting him pretty bad. Zack was compensated for medical expenses and received temporary total-disability benefits for more than a year. His trouble started when he applied for an extension.

Apparently while on total disability, he partied it up at Riverfest. We’ve all heard of incidents where investigators catch incriminating photos of offenders doing something they shouldn’t be able to, but Zach did this to himself, posting pics of him enjoying Riverfest to his MySpace and Facebook pages (check them out here). The photos lead to a denial.

His lawyer tried to appeal and get the photos thrown out, proclaiming that the photos were unrelated and “a disgrace to the dignity of the workers compensations proceedings and the legal system.” I wonder what else would have been thrown out if that argument held. I’m sure some of my ties would have met that standard!

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