Nebraska Manufacturing Plant Explodes Killing Two

manufac palntA Omaha, Nebraska manufacturing plant collapsed after a blast went off burying some employees and sending others running for their lives.  There were 38 workers in International Nutrition plant when the blast went off.  Two employees were killed and another ten were injured.

The blast cause key structure supports to fail which cause the second and third floors to collapse on top of the first floor.  Fire officials are trying to determine what caused the blast, as of now there is no cause.  All that has been said is that witnesses and workers heard some kind of blast go off.

OSHA is set to investigate the scene, the investigation could take weeks to complete.  One good thing is that there were no hazardous chemicals at the plant as they make nutritional products that are added to livestock feed.

Strong winds, cold temperatures, and the thousands of pounds of crumbled rubble have made rescue efforts for a victim difficult.  All too often we never think that something like this could happen.  My heart goes out to all the families of the workers there.  To those injured that they can rehab quickly.  To the deceased that they find peace, and to those unscathed – be thankful for what did not happen to you, I am sure there will be lasting effects to those involved.

Source: ABC News


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