New Report Shows 1 in 10 Small Businesses Had Employees “Working Under the Influence”

2014-03-21 09_12_29-1 in 10 Small Businesses Had Employees “Working Under the Influence” Last Year -

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In a new report published by EMPLOYERS out of Reno, NV shows that one in ten small businesses had employees show up for work while under the influence of at least one type of controlled substance.

In the study it was found that employers reported that alcohol, marijuana, and prescription painkillers were among the most used substances that employers showed up to work under the influence on.

Stephen Festa – COO of EMPLOYERS says that employers are rightfully concerned about the use of not only illegal substances but the fact that employees are showing up to work on substances that can affect their judgment and pose  a danger to not only themselves, but every single person they work around.  There has been a rise in the use of dangerous substances since the rise of opioids and also the legalization of marijuana.

Small business owners agree that the use of of illicit drugs are dangerous to their employees.  They also feel that even using over the counter pain medications could start to pose a threat to employees and those around them.

The CDC reports that more people die from opioids than from the use of heroin or cocaine.  Opioid addiction has been an ongoing issue in the workers compensation industry, has been linked to decreased worker performance, more workplace injures, and prolonged return to work for injured workers.

EMPLOYERS has developed a proactive program that is designed to help control the flow of narcotics prescribed during a workers compensation claim.  It should help to prevent abuse, save money on workers comp claims and help workers return to work safely.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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