Orange County Chiropractor Dubbed “The Godfather”

The_Godfather_Don_Vito_by_donvito62Peyman Heidary is an Orange County chiropractor who has dubbed himself as “The Godfather” for being the mastermind behind the biggest insurance fraud case that the D.A. in Riverside County has ever prosecuted.

Heidary opened medical clinics in Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles counties along with a law firm in order to submit thousands’ of workers’ compensation claims that either did not exist or were exaggerated.  He billed insurance companies for at least $50 million dollars.

The State Fund has been able to show where it had paid out $5 million to these companies as of July 23rd.  Heidary is listed as the owner r president of at least 9 different practices in these counties.

Heidary along with three of his employees have been arraigned in Superior Court and have all been charged with 22 counts of making fraudulent claims for health care benefits in excess of $950.

Heidary is being held in lieu of $1.3 million dollar bond.  He is said to have defrauded over 23 insurance companies.  Heidary is said to have large amounts of money in over 26 different Wells Fargo accounts, and also in overseas accounts.

We have seen some elaborate fraud schemes before but this one has to be towards the top.  The man set up dummy corporations in order to solely defraud money out of insurance companies.  We have seen some pretty heavy sentences for much less so I for one am interested to see how this one shapes up in the end.


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