Police Officer “Pitches” Himself into the Slammer

A former Oxnard Police officer has pled guilty to two felony counts of workers compensation fraud and has found himself with jail time.

Edward Idukas says he was injured while attempting to tie his boots.  He said that his back was in so much pain that even when the police department offered in desk duty he said it was too much.

Ventura County DA’s office received a tip that Idukas was playing in a men’s baseball league in the regular since his injury.  He was videotaped hitting, fielding, pitching, and sliding.

Idukas has been ordered to serve 120 days in jail, pay $120,000 in restitution, and will serve 60 months of probation.  The video shown here is the news report from KTLA in California.

Workers compensation fraud is one of the leading cost to employers and taxpayers in California.  This is the reason that the state comes down so hard on offenders.  This man took a sworn oath to protect the law and its citizens, instead he broke the law and cost taxpayers money.  I am sure he will find out that defending the baseball diamond was much easier than defending yourself in prison.

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