Pot Vending Machine Makes Debut in Colorado

pot vending machineI know we have discussed medical marijuana and also the legality of marijuana and how it can effect workers compensation and workers jobs as well.  Let’s add one more piece into the mix now, a new vending machine called ZaZZZ  was unveiled in Avon,CO with the possibility of selling marijuana and pot infused snacks and goodies directly to the end consumer.

This will not be the type of vending machine to just walk up to and deposit your dollar and get your beverage.  This is a high tech vending machine that will use advanced biometics to establish age and identity.  The machines are also high tech in that they will be completely climate controlled in order to keep the product fresh for the consumer.

Employee theft is also a large area of risk with marijuana dispensaries – if you had a machine that could be used as self checkout or for customers who are resistant to be seen in the store buying pot this will help that as well.  So now you have a way to cut down on theft of the product and possibly bring more customers to your store.  Sounds like this could be a win for the store owners.  Again, this is not designed for the worker who needs a snack during their break – we still have the issues to tackle that even though pot is legal, employers still have drug policies in effect that can cost you your job.

Even though this is not the first marijuana vending machine to land on the market it will be the first that will be displayed to the public for self – use.  Again this will be interesting to watch as marijuana becomes easier and easier to obtain.  I am curious to watch both the number of workers comp cases and if it is effected and also the unemployment rate – if unemployment starts to rise it is probably because people are getting fired for failing drug tests.

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