Reducing the Risks of Workplace Deaths

Driving Down Distraction infographic

The National Safety Council has just published an infographic the depicts the number one cause of workplace deaths in the US.  Auto accidents come in as the leading cause of workplace deaths in the US, the NSC estimates that 25% of crashes involve the use of a cell phone, ironically only 4% involved texting.  They also say that using a hands free device will likely reduce the risk of a crash by a multiplier of four.  Coming in behind car accidents for workplace deaths were: assaults, accidents involving objects or equipment, and then falls.

Employers have had to pay out costly settlements for auto accidents involving company workers.  A salesperson was driving and talking going to a appointment and crashed, injuring another driver resulting in a $16.1 million dollar payout.  Another driver was seriously injured when struck by a salesperson using a hands free headset which was her companies policy however it still resulted in a $21 million dollar pay out.

Even with all the state and federal laws they are not strict enough to bring the rate of work related crashes down.  Employers need to have strict policies and find a way to enforce them.  It needs to include all company vehicles and include every employee.  Even companies that completely ban the use of phones only saw a 1% reduction in crashes.

Let’s face it there are not many human beings that cant go five minutes with out checking a call, text, score, social media.  We reply so heavily on our phones just to get through our daily lives.  They have almost become permanently attached to our hands.  What we fail to do is always use them in a responsible matter like when driving a car.  The safety of ourselves and the people around us needs to come first.  Lets all be conscious and respectful and do our part to bring down the crashes happening out there.

Source:  The National Safety Council

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