Risk & Insurance Article Looks to Acrometis for Technology Expertise

A new article published in the Risk & Insurance series, Technology as a Tool, features insights and input from Acrometis President & COO, Jerry Poole. The article, titled “At the Touch of a Button”, highlights the benefits of digital risk services offered by carriers and vendors. In an industry that tends to stick to tradition, many companies are finding that their failure to embrace new technologies does more harm than good. Those who take advantage of digitalization may see greater bottom line benefits and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty as a result. Poole talks about using systems to throw red flags and catch potential overcharges in the claims process, before the case gets out of control and payers see a loss. If you haven’t read the article yet, check it out here. Another great read from Risk & Insurance!

Jerry's R&I Tech piece April 2014

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