Stopping Managed Care Leakage

screenshot_674Managed care networks are key to managing outcomes and controlling costs. Different networks have different disciplines of expertise and regions of strength. Using the wrong network, or worse, no network at all, can lead to costly outcomes. Do you know how well each network is performing? And how hard is it to make an adjustment in network coverages that will be actually followed by your organization?

TheĀ CLAIMExpert Managed Care Gateway was created to give you better oversight and control over your managed care networks. Easily manage, evaluate and optimize your managed care vendors without lengthy, costly or difficult implementations. Utilize our connections to top providers, including MedRisk, Healthcare Solutions, One Call Care Management and others, or we can connect in your existing managed care partners.

Click here to download our one-pager about CLAIMExpert’s Managed Care Gateway and how to implement it in your claims operations.

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