To Control Medical Implant Device Costs, JET Recovery Services Partners with Acrometis

JET Recovery ServicesJET Recovery Services, Inc., a top provider of specialty cost containment claims review services, specializing in implant analysis to various workers’ compensation payers, has joined the Acrometis Alliance Partner Program.

“JET Recovery Services fits in perfectly with the Acrometis network and the overall Acrometis misison. We both strive to reduce spending for our customers and together we hope to maximize cost savings to CLAIMExpert users,” said Acrometis president and CEO, Jerry Poole.

JET identifies the excessive charges brought on by hospitals, using implant acquisition cost data rather than provider invoices, so they can identify unsupported charges and reduce implant spending. Using direct pricing and utilization data, they can create tools that validate charges for products and procedures, currently tracking over 39,500 types of implants. Together with CLAIMExpert, their solutions can be implemented without disrupting your claims process.

We are very excited about this new partnership, and encourage you to read the full story and learn more about our premiere partner program.

Read the full release here.

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