Too crazy to be made up – 5 Bizarre but Successful Workers’ Comp Claims

We’ve all heard, or seen first hand, crazy workers’ comp claims that have no chance making it. But every so often, some real head scratchers are successful.

In some jurisdictions, payers can be on the hook for the entire claim by simply paying for part of it, like paying for a pain med scrip makes you responsible for every MRI and Chiro bill that comes after. In others, you can be on the hook for other items prescribed by physicians via hand written notes on the back of billing forms. All the more reason to keep a close eye on the shop.

But these are just plain funny. My favorite is the man who “gets attacked” by a vending machine while trying to help a co-worker, presumably to jostle that Butterfinger off the rack. The phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” might have to be updated to “No good deed goes unpunished, but it may be compensable.”

BTW: Did you know that more people die from vending machines falling on them than due to shark attacks. When is Discovery going to have “Vending Machine Week”?

What’s the most bizarre claim you came across? Let us know. I’ve got to stake out my spot in front of the vending machine.

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