Tuesday’s Top 10-Dangerous Jobs

We have talked about dangerous jobs on WCInsights many a time. Recently, Finances Online came out with a great image depicting the “Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs”. This list has been slightly updated from years past. Loggers have taken the top spot away from fisherman with 127.8 deaths per 100,000 workers. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs no longer make the list though I’m sure their line of work is still plenty hazardous, especially when you consider that 41 percent of fatal incidents involved transportation of some kind.

Though the number of fatal accidents has decreased by about 1,800 since 1992, 4,383 deaths is still 4,383 too many. Most people might assume that law enforcement or firefighting would make the list but an increasing number of safety procedures and protocols could go to show that even the most dangerous jobs can be kept safe if the right preventive measures are in place.

A lot of these occupations are labor-intensive and have the added stress of falling object hazards, electrocution hazards or weather-related hazards. No wonder they make shows called “Deadliest Catch” and not “Cozy Cubicles”. After reading this list I am quite content to be in the office and out of these hazardous work environments. But we need to remember that there are those of us willing and able to do these jobs and we should continue to develop and enforce life-saving safety initiatives so that the number of fatal accidents can decrease even more.

Most Dangerous Jobs

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