What is the Potential Impact of CA AB 1373?

CHSWCThe Commission on Health and Safety and Workers Compensation (CHSWC) has released a report “Potential Impact of AB 1373” on its website asking for feedback from the public on their views of the potential bill.

The proposed Assembly Bill looks to increase the statue of limitations from 240 weeks to 480 weeks for public safety officials’ workers comp death benefits associated with cancer.  CHSWC contracted Bickmore Risk Services to do an analysis on the potential bill.  They found that the bill will add an estimated $4.5 million to statewide workers’ comp death benefits annually.  CHSWC wants to hear your feedback on what you think of the proposed bill.

You can find all the information on CHSWC on the CA Department of Industrial Relations website, and information about AB 1373 and to submit feedback can be found on the CHSWC website.

This is a bill that can affect you or people you know and care about.  It is your civic duty to be involved and make your voice heard.  If this is something that could potentially affect you and you do not raise your voice on way or the other then you should not complain if it effects you negatively and you stood by idle.

Source : State of California

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