What Kind of Workers Comp would Darth Vader Get?

803547661_c5888bd95d_zI had the “pleasure” of taking my 12 year old, Dr Who, et al, obsessed daughter to AwesomeCon this past weekend. AwesomeCon, for those of you who don’t have a sci-fi obsessed child, is an event where stars from sci-fi shows come for photos and autographs, and geeks from all over dress up as their favorite character. What matters most is that she had a good time.

One person dressed as Darth Vader got me googling Star Wars stuff while waiting in line for a chance to spend $20 for a 15 second photo opp with an extra on a 20 year old show. What I stumbled across was too funny to pass up. Someone on the Q&A site, Quora, posed the Question “How much workers’ comp would Darth Vader get?”

Darth Vader, bad-a$$ leader of the imperial starfleet, had some tough workplace injuries during his time. losing all his limbs, and as the questioner pointed out, one of his arms twice. I wonder what the ICD-10 code for that would be?

What was priceless was that someone posted a very detailed response, breaking down each injury and typical compensation for things such asĀ Facial scarring / disfigurement, loss of limb and loss of hair.

While this response was very well thought out, another poster (That’s right, more than one posted an answer) proposed that since Darth was an active member of the military, he wouldn’t be entitled to anything.

Buckle into your Tie-fighter and read the complete breakdown over at Quora.

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