Winter Construction Site Safety

iceMost of the country is feeling the effects of this polar vortex.  May places have been in a deep freeze.  I have seen many schools and even jobs be closed due to the extreme temperatures.  Many of us who work in an office do not always stop and think about the people that are not as fortunate.  For many people especially construction workers are required to work outside no matter what the weather has in store because they too have a deadline to meet.  Both companies and workers need to prepare and follow safety measures to ensure that safety is a priority especially during these winter months.

Employers need to do some things to ensure they are keeping their workers safe.  They should include some of the following: Keeping a close eye on winter weather to keep workers safe in hazardous conditions, inspecting  job sites for unsafe conditions prior to workers staring their day each day, and removing snow and ice from areas that workers will be walking along to ensure they do not slip and fall.

Likewise workers can do just as much to ensure their own safety out on the construction site, these should include: dressing warmly – wearing enough layers and proper footwear to ensure warmth and preventing falls, should you be working and see that there are dangerous conditions you should report these right away, and lastly every precaution possible should be taken at all times because it is winter and things will get icy – proper footwear and making sure to wear harnesses when working at heights will keep you safer.

The truth of the matter is that we can all make more money when we are actually working then when collecting workers comp.  Everyone who works outside needs to take extra caution during these winter months between the extreme cold and the elements of the weather to ensure we can continue to go to work everyday.



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