You’ve got 3 choices – Jail, Ticket or Pushups

8084682666_5244eb9f50Too good to pass up, even though it isn’t comp related. The Tulsa World reports on a lawsuit against Tulsa officers by a person stopped at a traffic stop who was forced to do push ups by the police officer. The push-ee felt that his civil rights were violated during a traffic stop where the officer hand-cuffed the person, searched the car, and then reportedly challenged the person to push-ups. The officer gave him three options: go to jail, get a ticket or do push-ups. The person chose push ups.

The person, a 2 time felon for drugs and weapons possession, apparently knocked out a set and then asked the officer to do some.

A jury decided against the lawsuit and believed the officer’s version of events where he said it was a jovial exchange.

Now if the officer decided to take the person up on the push-up challenge and hurt himself, would that be workers’ comp?

See I knew I could relate it.

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