2013 Work Fails- A Year in Review

workers comp failRecently we stumbled upon a video titled “Ultimate Workers Fail Compilation 2013” from Uniformedia. Warning- some of the events might be a bit cringe-worthy or even hard to watch. We’re not posting it to be insensitive, but rather to serve as a reminder of the potential fallout after a workplace injury. This is just a small sampling of the kinds of situations workers’ comp adjusters are confronted with each day. Workplaces are dangerous, and adjusters have a full plate handling all of the claims that come in. They also have the problem of sorting out whether a claim is compensable or not- FYI if you’re messing around like these guys who turned a cement mixer into a seesaw, you most likely will not be compensated for your injury. Be nice to your claims adjuster, I bet they didn’t want you to get hit by that beam any more than you did. Rather than watching this video for entertainment, we hope you see this as a bit of a public service announcement demonstrating what NOT to do at work. Whether or not you giggle is up to you…..Workers Fail

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