Acrometis’ CLAIMExpert Shows Some Impressive Q1 Results at MAC Risk Management

Acrometis Announces Successful First Quarter of Operation of CLAIMExpert at MAC Risk Management


Acrometis Announces Successful First Quarter of Operation of CLAIMExpert at MAC Risk Management

MAC Risk president says early results by Acrometis are “very promising and insightful into our claim processing efficiency.”

MAC Risk Management is a Quincy, Massachusetts-based in-house claim administrator for more than 117,000 associates for Ahold USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Ahold, N.V., MAC Risk recently completed its first 90 days of operation with Acrometis’ CLAIMExpert workers’ compensation claims processing platform.

Nick Parillo, president of MAC Risk, indicated “although only 90 days have transpired since implementation, I am very impressed with the significant two-thirds reduction in the number of documents reaching our workers’ compensation adjusters. This dramatic reduction in the number of touches required by our adjusters was one of the primary factors in moving to Acrometis. The technology introduced by Acrometis permits our adjusters to focus on the core elements of claim management such as prompt contact and improved communications with injured associates, medical providers and operating personnel, as well as assisting injured associates in returning to work. This ability to focus on claim management results in a win-win situation for all concerned. We very much look forward to building upon these early successes.”

CLAIMExpert® reduces medical costs and adjuster workload with a comprehensive expert claims processing engine, built upon over a decade of processing workers’ comp claims documents. By reviewing these documents at a line-item level with more than 10,000 business rules, CLAIMExpert analyzes every incoming document for appropriateness and relatedness to the claims. This detailed review before any adjuster involvement reduces medical spend by more than 10 percent, documents needing adjuster review by two-thirds and bills needing to go to bill review by at least 20 percent.

MAC Risk added CLAIMExpert to its workers’ compensation claims operation to enhance associate and operational communications and allow adjusters to focus on improved claim management capability. Companies using CLAIMExpert have realized over 11 points of medical loss improvement and the freeing up of adjuster days by more than 40 percent in the first year. CLAIMExpert requires no up-front capital and minimal IT support to implement.

Ahold USA

aholdAhold USA supports four regional divisions – Stop & Shop New England, Stop & Shop New York Metro, Giant Landover and Giant Carlisle – that together operate nearly 775 supermarkets with approximately 120,000 associates in 14 states and the District of Columbia along with Peapod, the nation’s leading e-commerce grocery shopping/delivery service.

About Acrometis

Acromertis_Fullcolor_Stack_78h-e1392307116218Acrometis’ CLAIMExpert is a rules-based claims processing platform that deterministically routes claims documents and bills, allowing for meaningful changes to the claims processing environment that in turn lead to maximized cost savings, efficiency and productivity gains over the life cycle of a claim. For more information about Acrometis and CLAIMExpert, please visit or call 855.282.1476.

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