Firefighters’ Workers’ Comp Insurance is Burning a Hole in Pennsylvania Municipalities Pockets

FirefighterWe expect firefighters to be there to run into a burning building when it’s on fire.  To save the people that cannot save themselves.  When everyone else is running out, they are the ones running in.

The Firefighters Cancer Presumption Act, provides compensation to firefighters who develop cancer and can establish it was caused by exposure to hazardous materials or carcinogens while on the job.  The law was designed to help our hero’s without passing the burden onto taxpayers in the process.

Some municipalities found that their premiums have doubled or even tripled.  It’s not finding private coverage that is the issue but the cost associated with it.  Even moving to the State Workers’ Insurance Fund are very costly as well.

These men risk life and limb to keep us safe, they have total disregard for what could happen to them and in the tragic event that they are injured or worse the need to be compensated and taken care of.  Hopefully between the insurers, the lawmakers, and the municipalities they can come to a logical conclusion.  Fire on over to to read the complete story.



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