Improving Claims Outcomes- Adjusters are Key

Are you constantly looking at your claims through the rear view mirror? Do you feel powerless to change the status of your claims?

What you should be doing is looking ahead at your claims through the windshield- and your adjusters play a key part in improving those outcomes. The recent Risk & Insurance webinar featuring Acrometis president Jerry Poole and VP Global Insurance Nick Parillo of Royal Ahold, discussed the complexities associated with claims handling and the costly mistakes organizations can often make.

Visit the Acrometis site to view the full recording and download the slides. We understand that you, like your adjusters, are pressed for time. That’s why we also created a sketchnote version of the presentation. Understand the key points and takeaways from our popular webinar to find out how you can put your adjusters in the driver’s seat to effectively close claims and get workers back on the job faster.

Improving Claims Outcomes Sketchnote

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