Not sure how many of you are avid Tweeters or if you’re familiar with the expression #ThrowbackThursday. But we’re going in that direction today since I’m feeling nostalgic. I stumbled upon this “Kids in the Hall” clip and wanted to share it with you all, because how often do you get workers’ comp in sketch comedy? This was from Season 1 which aired in 1989 and, as a ’90’s kid, that’s throwback enough for me.

This sketch, entitled “Compensation”, depicts a situation where a worker who hates his job tries to figure out a way to get a “disabling but not crippling injury” to receive compensation. Obviously they exaggerate how claims work and it’s meant to be a joke, but at the same time it is thought provoking. ¬†Sometimes when I read and write stories about fraud I get the sense that a few people actually believe they can act in the way the guys in the sketch did and everything will turn out alright. Fact is, the long arm of the law (and insurers and employers and investigators and whistle blowers) will catch onto it. So enjoy, but remember that fraud isn’t the easy way out.

***Disclaimer*** This isn’t what happens in real life. We are not advocating for or endorsing the use of hammers to hit a co-worker on the head.



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