The Risk of Treating Patients with Ebola

ppeThomas Eric Duncan was the Dallas patient who succumbed to the deadly Ebola virus.  Now the nurse that was treating him has been diagnosed with Ebola as well.   The nurse was wearing a mask, gown, shield, and gloves whenever she was treating Duncan.  How is it possible that just by treating him she contracted the virus, especially when this is not an airborne virus?

The CDC has a three page manual the details all the necessary protective gear and the handling and removal of the gear that healthcare workers must go through when dealing with Ebola.  It is a task in itself to remove your contaminated gloves as well as the rest of the equipment without coming into contact the contaminated area.

For healthcare workers on the front line treating this deadly virus the risk on contracting the virus is very real.  Because of this the CDC is looking into ways to make the process of treating these patients safer for the healthcare workers.  This is their job and in the scope of their employment and therefore they need to be kept safe and off workers compensation when treating Ebola patients.

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