The Run-Down on RIMS

Rocky-Mountain-Oysters_608RIMS is a time for the insurance industry to get together, learn, inspire, and discover. RIMS is a great event every year and according to their website, “This year, RIMS 2014 Annual Conference & Exhibition is all about more”. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what that truly means come conference-time but here at WCInsights we’re going to try and prep you as much as possible so that you can enjoy the conference-and more. Get it? Get it?!

This year the RIMS conference will be held in Denver, the Mile High City. I’ll even give a little bit of a nod to this year’s tagline “Elevate-Take Your Knowledge to New Heights”. We see what you did there, very clever RIMS. You know what’s on the docket, you know the speakers, and you might even know some familiar faces. But do you know Denver? In the weeks leading up to RIMS we are going to try to help you help yourself and learn the ins-and-outs of Denver before you even get there.

Up first is a list whose title explains itself-“17 Things You Have to Explain to Out-Of-Towners About Denver”. Denver-ites know that there are some common misconceptions about their city and they are out to set you out-of-towners straight. Read this list and know before you go. Don’t be that guy who thinks Rocky Mountain Oysters are Oysters.

There is a lot to be learned at RIMS but that doesn’t mean you should do some studying beforehand. Check back each week to read some travel hints and gain some Denver knowledge before the big conference.

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