Trucker Crashes For A Reason You Don’t Hear About Everyday – FOX6 WBRC Birmingham, AL

A 57 year old truck driver lost control on Interstate 20/59 near Tuscaloosa, Alabama late Sunday night.  Here is where the story gets interesting, normally you hear about accidents due to weather, lack of sleep, or something along those lines causing a tractor trailer accident; what caused this truck to be distracted was the fact that he was yanking out a loose tooth.  You heard it right folks yanking out his tooth caused him to veer off the highway, jackknifing his truck in a stretch of trees.

Luckily for the driver and everyone else on the road there were no serious injuries.  The accident did however cause a three mile stretch of the highway to shut down well into the rush hour Monday morning.

Also, as if responding officers on the scene had any difficulty believing how the accident occurred the driver still had the tooth he yanked out in his shirt pocket.  How is that for proof in the pudding.

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