What is Your Data Telling You – Expert Panel Session to Be Held

WCIWill you be attending the 68th Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference hosted by WCI that is being held in Orlando, FL?  Well is you are make sure you make you calendars for the session that is scheduled Aug 19th called “Savings Isn’t Everything: What is Your Data Really Telling You About Quality?”.  This session will be designed to show you important metrics that you should be looking for in claims data and how to determine how these findings can help impact cost controls and utilization.  Data tells a story and learning how to read this story can best show you how to keep costs down and quality up.

The session will consist of a panel of workers’ compensation data analytics experts.  The session will be moderated by Jenn Hermann – MedRisk’s Director of Data.  Joining her on the panel will be: Jerry Poole – COO and President of Acrometis, which offers clients an automated claims processing platform; Jeffrey White – Director of medical management practices and strategy at Accident Fund; and George Furlong – SVP of managed care at Sedgwick.

The conference will be running from Aug. 18-21.  You can register at www.wci360.com.


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