Workers’ Comp Scam Tricks Insurance Company for Ten Years

We have a guest blogger on WCInsights today, Alex Henshaw from Souderton High School. She is in the office for a few days shadowing as part of her senior year project. She wrote a great story!


A man named Bruce Gilbert was a bus driver in Pinellas County, Florida and he got into an automobile accident ten years ago. He and his wife said that because of this accident he was left with a brain disability causing him to speak and act like he was just five years old. For the past ten years he has been collecting workers compensation totaling up to a whopping $774,000. The Insurance Company hired a “private eye” to check in on him and they found out that he had moved to Lake City, Florida. They soon found him driving a car, playing golf and hunting. They arrested him and his wife for workers compensation fraud and grand theft. While Bruce was getting arrested he still tried to keep up the act by saying, “They hurt me. Mommy, my mommy”.  Even though the cops and the insurance company knew that they were lying they still tried to hatch up another plan to get themselves out of the mess. The Gilberts were alone in the police car and Bruce’s wife was trying to convince him to fall or to have another injury so that they could still collect on workers compensation. This is one of the rare cases that shows just how far some people will go to earn money for free. Instead of the Gilberts going to jail the judge agreed on 15 years of probation and said that they had to pay back all of the money they had wrongfully taken.

From abcnews

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