A Video Displaying the Skills of Paladin Investigators

I came across this video on YouTube and wanted to share it.  This is a video investigation done by Paladin Investigators out of Arizona.  It shows a man who was injured not sure to the extent of his injuries but on the screen it displays that he is not allowed to drive commercial vehicles, or bend or lift over 35 pounds.

The video shows the man driving a tractor trailer, unhitching the bed from the rig.  Then latter in the video shows the man cleaning out his garage.

This just shows the many ways that people are caught trying to scam the workers comp system.  Since I have done stories about Facebook catching people and many other ways I thought I would show an investigative video.  This is one of the first and original ways to catch someone, is to have them followed and watch them do all the things that they are not supposed to be doing.

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