Acrometis President Jerry Poole Tackles Data Overload at WCI’s Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference

WCIUpdate to an earlier WC Insights article: More details have arisen concerning the “Savings Isn’t Everything” panel at the Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference.

During the panel discussion Poole will provide insight into why claims handlers are more overwhelmed than ever before – with larger piles of data consistently being pushed on them – and how this is adversely affecting the bottom line.

“Claims handlers are already overwhelmed, and now the industry is collecting and pushing more and more data at them,” Poole said. “When too much information hits at once, decisions don’t get made or they’re made too late to impact the bottom line.”

He will also discuss potential cures to data overload. In Poole’s own words, “Adjusters shouldn’t have to touch 75 percent of the bills.” This panel discussion will detail how your adjusters can avoid that 75 percent.

The conference will be running August 18-21. You can register at

If you have free time at the conference on the 19th and want to learn more about managing claims data, come listen to Jerry at the “Savings Isn’t Everything: What Is Your Data Really Telling You about Quality?” panel.

Read more about the panel discussion at the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch.

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