Fraud Warning Signs

jimrockford2Ever want to be a private detective? Who didn’t after watching a few Rockford Files episodes. Well if you do, you should be reading Pursuit Magazine‘s website, because it is all about becoming a PI. While reading “5 Things not to do while on Surveillance”, I stumbled across ” Top 40 Red Flags which May Indicate Workers’ Compensation Fraud”. This is a good read and second nature to a few of the senior claims adjusters that I shared this with. I added my own example conversations as to how I thought it might present itself.

A few highlights:

“No witnesses except for the worker’s close associates” – “No way, I saw that forklift just back up over his foot on his own”

“The injury occurs on a Friday, but it isn’t reported until Monday morning” – “I absolutely tore my ACL while walking through the lunch room. Oh and we won our big softball game saturday…I mean”

“The claimant won’t come to the telephone, is sleeping and can’t be disturbed or is never home” – “No sorry, he usually sleeps between the hours of 9 and 5, unless there is a pile up between here and his other job….I mean”

Catch the rest, and find out how to become a bounty hunter, over at Pursuit Magazine.

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