In the Words of Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day-“Don’t Drive Angry”

119544348_9f3a40a337We have all been angry at a company for something, and we may have gotten so angry that we wrote a letter or tweeted our frustration. One Montana man went one step further when he stepped into his car. From our friends over at the Insurance Journal, one guy got so frustrated with his insurance company after 2-3 years of dealing with an injury that he allegedly rammed his truck into an insurance building. Then he did it again. Then he backed up 85 ft and did it once more. The incident resulted in almost $100K in damages.

Sometimes, the best part of these stories are the comments. Here were my favorites:

  • “I don’t think his policy will cover this.”
  • “I sure would hate to be the hospital representative who had to go ask him who his health insurance carrier is!!

My advice: Don’t Drive Angry

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