Jim Carrey vs. The New York Workers’ Compensation Board

Jim CarreyHollywood actor and comedian Jim Carrey is being accused of allegedly failing to carry workers’ comp insurance for the employees of his famous NYC art studio.

Carrey opened his studio – Church of FCC back in 2011, legal documents filed by the WCB allege that Carrey failed to maintain comp insurance for all of 2012.  He received a fine of $72,000 and the Board is now taking him to court.

Carrey’s rep says that this is a clerical error on the part of the WCB and will be cleared up immediately.

It all fun and games until you get caught operating a business without workers’ compensation insurance.  This is one area of a business that the states do not mess around with and they will come down on you hard.  These are all just allegations as of now because if it is a clerical error then it will all be resolved, I would hate to hear that Carrey is being a “Grinch” if something should happen to one of his employees while working.

Source: TMZ


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