Moldy Lottery Tickets Lead to Workers’ Comp Stink

Apparently the lottery can now get you sick. Not just the sick feeling you get when scratching off another losing ticket, but sick enough to file for workers’ comp.

Employees at a New Jersey state lottery HQ warehouse were exposed to 400,000 moldy lottery tickets for more than 6 months. Their task was to audit the tickets damaged by last October’s Superstorm Sandy.

The main issue is that the state seemed to move “very slow to remove and destroy” the tickets after auditing finished. The employee union claims to have contacted the state 3 times about the tickets, which did not act until the warehouse owner threatened the state. The state revealed that some of the destroyed tickets were stored since 2011, damaged by Hurricane Irene.

Two employees filed claims for respiratory illness on April 10th.

The state of New Jersey gambled with the health of its employees, and could now face a hefty price to pay. Scratch tickets would have been much cheaper.


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