Pepper Spray Your Way To Workers’ Comp

PepperSpray2wRemember the “Occupy [Insert Metropolis Here]” movements? If you are a fan of HBO’s Newsroom, then you are getting a refresher of it. This largely peaceful movement in 2011 sprung up on Wall Street, and then everywhere else. The best approach for officials was to ignore them until they disbanded, either when it got too cold or too un-interesting to stick around.

Of course not everyone followed that logic. UC Davis’ officer John Pike was the infamous officer who strolled up and down the peaceful Occupy UC Davis crowd with a fire extinguisher sized can of pepper spray. That became the story, and he was fired, along with others in the department.

Well according to the David Enterprise, Mr. Pike is going for workers’ comp, claiming that the incident and subsequent dust-up caused him psychiatric injury. If they can’t agree to a settlement, his case would go to trial in mid August. Apparently his actions caused an equal and opposite reaction where hackers revealed his personal information, after which people supposedly harassed him, causing the psychiatric injury.

Leave it to the internet to take a symbolic photo and run wild with it. His lasting image of a walk-by pepper spray run was turned into many internet memes. Here are a couple of my favorites:






Thanks full of pepper spray to HyperVocal

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