Physician Dispensed Medicine Apparently Makes You an Awesome Skateboarder

Managed Care MattersRequired reading for anyone in Workers’ Comp is Joe Paduda’s Managed Care Matters. Joe has been quick to shine a spotlight on the costly trend in physician dispensed medicines for a while now. This flyer from a medical specialty conference says it all.

Here are my questions with the photo:

  1. Wouldn’t the kid be texting his thanks to the doc?
  2. What meds helps you skate through revolving doors?
  3. Don’t doctors have wallets?
  4. Is the vendor violating some child labor law when s/he had his/her 7 year old kid draw this?
  5. Why is this all taking place in a bank?

Of course we all know what this image portrays – Physician Dispensed Medicines are profitable for physicians.   It also communicates that patients get back to work (or skateboarding) faster when the treatment starts faster. I just wish the wad of cash falling out of the doc’s pocket wasn’t so front and center. At least make some attempt at hiding that message. But that’s asking a lot from a 7 year old artist. 🙂

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