Postal Supervisor is Jailed For WC Fraud

uspsOn Tuesday Joseph Catone Jr. of Boone, NC was sentenced to serve 16 months in prison for submitting false documents in relation a his workers comp case.  Catone was convicted by a jury in 2012.  He submitted false information on his application to receive workers compensation benefits.  In the documents filed by Catone in 2006 while he was employed as a supervisor at the USPS, Catone claimed that he developed a stress related condition due to excessive driving to perform his duties.  The OWCP accepted his application which listed sleep apnea and he became eligible to receive benefits.

Catone was ordered as part of his receiving of comp to report any work or income that he had earned in the preceding 15 months.  He submitted the form containing false information and at trial the government presented evidence that showed Catone worked as a custodian for a maintenance company.  It was reported that he was seen performing cleaning services.  During the time he was working he also received $106,411.83 in comp payments.

Catone was sentenced by Judge Vorhees and in handing down his sentence which includes restitution for the payments received he also handed Catone a 16 stint in the big house.  Judge Vorhees stated that this needs to be viewed as a deterrent to others thinking of conducting similar acts.

I report on many different fraud cases and it is no very often that you see jail time issued.  However this guy took six figures from the government and we all know not to mess with the government no matter what are views on them are because they will always get what is theirs.  In this case they got their money back and this guy will do some serious time.

Source: Postal News

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