The Conference Chew- More RIMS Tips

RIMS is less than a week away! How appropriate that on Earth Day we are yet again highlighting top spots in Denver- a city known for its outdoorsy spirit. This nice weather has got us thinking of firing up our grills, and since last week we featured the best taprooms in the city we figured you’d need some serious fuel to pair with your brew. Vegetarians beware…

This week, we found the best burgers in Denver. And while we are Wawa hoagie folks at heart, sometimes we crave a good burger. These feature traditional toppings like ketchup and mustard to more unusual (but delicious) ingredients like green chilis. If you’re going to a lot of small meetings, we’d suggest you ask for yours with EXTRA onions. Make sure you can squeeze a post-meal nap into your busy RIMS schedule, these burgers look big enough to satisfy a Rocky Mountain-sized appetite.

If you’re going to RIMS and want to meet up with our team over a beer or a burger, or both, let us know here!

Denver Burger


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